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Providing Quality Care to People in the Comfort of Their Homes

Caregivers assist clients on errands and/or outings.

How do I know when it's time to consider home care for my loved one?

Are you worried about the health and welfare of your loved one?

Constant worry about a family member can lead to stress, anxiety, and even feelings of guilt. Have you noticed any of the following indicators?

  • Unexplained loss of weight
  • Disheveled appearance
  • Memory loss, dementia, or increased confusion
  • Suspicious bruising - possibly form falling while alone
  • Signs of drinking problem
  • Signs of loneliness or depression
  • Unsafe driving
  • Forgetting to take prescribed medication
If you have any doubt about the safety of your loved one, it is probably time to consider professional home care.

Are you missing work or other events to help your loved one with activities of daily living?
Caregivers are trained to help with everything from personal care to housekeeping.

Are you noting signs of loneliness or depression of your elderly loved one?
Caregivers provide friendly conversation and understanding companionship during difficult times.

Do you notice bruises on your loved one? Are you suspicious that your loved one may be falling or injuring themself while at home alone?
Caregivers provide peace of mind for you, and ensure a safe environment for your loved one. They are trained during ongoing continuing education classes.

Have more questions about a certain disease process? Click here

Why consider home care?

  • Cost effective. Custodial home care is one of the least expensive options available today. Additionally, there are several long-term insurance plans now available. These plans usually pay for 90 percent of home care expenses.  Want more information on long-term care? Click here.
  • Flexible Scheduling. Home care is tailored to fit every client's individual needs.
  • Quality time. Personal care, housekeeping, and meal preparation are only a few of the duties home care provides. You are free to spend quality time with your loved one.
  • California Home Care can help:
    • Prevent hospitalization or re-hospitalization
    • Reduce length of hospital stay
    • Avoid placement in a nursing home
    • Continuity of care. Having the same reliable caregivers builds a relationship of trust and familiarity for your elderly loved-one.
    • Qualified caregivers. California Home Care's caregivers are insured, bonded, and professionally trained. They are experienced, certificated and licensed accroding to the level of services they provide. Your loved one receives quality care. You gain peace of mind. For a quote click here.

I don't live in San Diego. How will I find out how my mother is doing and what her needs are?
With California Home Care, you have a variety of choices:
  • Any one of our care managers can call you with updates on a regularly scheduled basis, or you can call the on-site caregiver as often as you like.
  • You can call (800) 518-2222 from anywhere in the United States to reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • A copy of the Communication Log, (kept at the home as a reference for caregivers) can be mailed to you regularly.

One of the best features of CHC is that a customized program is designed to specifically meet your loved one's needs.

Caregivers provide friendly conversation while eliminating the hassle of routine chores.

For the most part, I am healthy, but I do get lonely. Is there anyone that can just visit with me or take me out for a drive?
Caregivers are selected based on your specifications. Do you want a talkative caretaker, or a good listener? Do you want a caregiver who likes to walk (for a walk around the neighborhood), or someone with a car and a good driving record? We'll find just the right person to meet your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority.

What happens if my care needs increase?
Our diverse caregivers represent a wide range of training levels. Although all our caregivers can happily handle the most mundane chores, we have caregivers that are trained to handle complex needs.

We take care of my mother ourselves, so we don't need long-term care, but we are planning a one-week vacation. Would I be able to interview the caregiver myself?
Everyone needs breaks.  Take your vacations worry free.  CHC makes every effort to select just the right caregiver, based on the information that you provide to us. Once we find the right person, we are happy to let you interview that caregiver, at no cost. We do prefer that you give us at least 72 hours of notice, in order to arrange the interview.

I'd like to try at-home care for my father, but I'm not willing to sign a one-year contract.
No problem. At California Home Care there is no time commitment. We will fill your needs for as long as you would like. Hours and level of care required can be changed whenever necessary. We work directly with clients, families and physicians to ensure your loved one receives the highest quality care they deserve.

Why chose California Home Care, Inc.?
Over the past decade home care needs have skyrocketed. San Diego has responded with the upstart of dozens of small home care agencies. Some of these agencies are not responsive to the changing needs of clients and their families. Rest assured, at California Home Care, our number one priority is the safety, health and wellbeing of your loved one.

California Home Care, Inc. focuses on providing the highest quality care available through communication. We work closely with clients, families and doctors to make sure all the client's needs are met. A home care plan is created, organized and monitored continually. We're flexible according to our clients' needs. CHC's caregivers are closely supervised and receive continual acknowledgement, motivation and support. The caregivers attend regular continuing education that can be applied toward keeping their licenses and certifications current. Our inservice classes keep CHC caregivers abreast the most timely home care information available. CHC makes a difference with the clients and the caregivers by working hard to make sure everyone's needs are met.

For the client, CHC provides a customized service package allowing each individual to choose the level of care they receive, the amount of service, and the type of person they would like to spend that time with.

Every client has the opportunity for assessments. Our Client Relations Director makes sure that clients are satisfied by visiting each within the first days of service, and then following up regularly thereafter.