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Home Care Hints

Providing Quality Care to People in the Comfort of Their Homes

Safety at Home

California Home Care
is concerned about our client's safety. Accidents can be prevented by carefully inspecting the living space of an individual who may be experiencing difficulty with movement. Here are a few tips:

  • Apply double-faced tape to the backs of rugs where one can trip or slide. Removing the rug may be the safest measure.
  • Install good lighting in hallways and staircases. Check lighting on outdoor walkways.
  • Apply abrasive strips to outdoor steps as necessary to prevent slipping.
  • Use a loud timer when cooking to prevent mishaps or fires.
  • Install grab bars next to commode and bathtub.
  • Apply abrasive strips on tub and shower floors.
  • Use a shower stool to sit while washing to reduce the chance of falling.
  • Keep a light and phone (or other alert system) near the bed.
  • Electric blankets should be kept in good condition. They should not be tucked in or have other coverings on top of them.
  • Check smoke alarms regularly to ensure they are working properly.
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Precautions to Take When Any Outside Workers Come into Your Home
(Suggestions from the Public Guardians and North County Council on Aging)

Public Guardian Investigator, Susan Jamme, says, "It's sad, but occasionally during the aging process, the elderly lose the ability to make good decisions. Consequently, fiduciary abuse is on the rise, and believe it or not, suspects are generally family members, friends, neighbors, fellow church members, caretakers, attorneys, money managers, and befriending strangers. It's wise to take protective action to guard against problems."

The North County Council on Aging recommends a few considerations when hiring someone to work in the home - whether they are repair workers, caregivers, housekeepers, gardeners. A few simple precautions can help protect you from being a victim and give you peace of mind:
  • It's always a good habit to have your jewelry and money put away and not visible where it could be a temptation.
  • Photos should be taken of more valuable items. In the event of a theft, fire, or other loss, you can provide more accurate identification and proof of ownership.
  • Maintain a business relationship with the worker, which excludes lending money.
  • These actions are in the caregiver's best interest as well. For example, a reputable caregiver would not want to be falsely accused of taking something a client may have forgotten he/she previously gave to a relative.

California Home Care agrees. We advise making sure that any company or individual you associate yourself with provides insured, bonded and trustworthy caregivers. Ask about their screening process to ensure it is thorough. Then, select the one that's most qualified.

California Home Care maintains the highest standards in the home care industry. Our strict policies include thorough screening by personal interviews, written tests, reference verifications, and criminal background checks. For additional safety, CHC caregivers are bonded and insured to protect our clients and caregivers.